How To Deactivate/Disable Facebook Timeline

It’s been a while since Facebook made available its Timeline feature to all users. People who really like this new feature are the minorities, as no one wants anymore changes in Facebook. But as time goes by, Facebook users get used to the revamped layout every time their team come up with something new to […]

Download Mozilla Firefox 7 Beta Version

Recently, the stable version of Firefox browser has been updated to Firefox 6. If you use Firefox browser, you would have automatically been updated. In case, you’re not then you can manually update the browser. Though there aren’t many changes between latest stable version and its previous version but several security and stability issues has […]

Gcache Plus Addon: View Google Cache Of Any Page Easily In Firefox

I think you all are already aware of Google Cache. But if you don’t know what is Google Cache? let me tell you that Google takes a snapshot of each page it examines and stores that version as a back-up and it is known as Cached Version of the page. When Google displays the cached […]

Surf Web Using Voice Commands With FireSay Firefox Addon

In my last post, I shared Voice Search Google Chrome extension that allows users to search just by speaking the words. One of my friend asked me about the same in Firefox browser. I have found an addon, named FireSay that lets you surf the web using voice commands. Suppose you have to open Facebook, […]

Share Links Faster with Firefox F1

We often share useful and interesting links on social networking sites. Many of us use add-ons on our browser to make this work easy. You might have used different add-ons for sharing links on Twitter and Facebook on your Firefox browser. Mozilla, releases an official social networking add-on for its Firefox browser. F1, made by […]

3 Firefox addons to block websites on your Firefox browser

If you have kids at home and you want to block certain websites, even if you want to break your addiction from websites like Facebook and Orkut and you don’t want to spend any money on this, I want to tell you that there are many free softwares available on the Internet which can help […]

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