YTubePlayer Is An Amazing Youtube Desktop Application

Youtube is the most popular entertainment website on the Internet. According to Alexa, Youtube is the 3rd most visited website after Google and Facebook. Everyday the site receives billions of page views from all over the world. Youtube is freakishly addictive and it has become the addiction for millions of people. For those of you […]

Official Facebook Chat Client For Windows 7

Facebook is now developing a chat client integrated with Ticker feature for Windows 7 operating system. According to Techcrunch, Facebook has started rolling out the new desktop app, which is targeted at Facebook Chat’s users, and currently it’s available to only a small group of users. Facebook has already launched the Facebook mobile for every […]

Download Google+ Windows 7 Desktop Gadget

Remember the Google+ desktop application I shared a month ago? Here’s another way to access Google+ on your desktop. This time by using Windows 7 desktop sidebar. If you’re using computer running on Vista or Windows 7, you may have used a long, vertical bar that is displayed on the side of your desktop. Also […]

20 Stunning Windows 8 Wallpapers To Spice Up Your Desktop

Waiting for Windows 8? Well, you have to wait for some more time till Microsoft officially launches the next version of its Windows operating system. If you like spicing up your desktop with official Windows wallpapers, you’re surely going to love these wallpapers below. Though all these wallpapers are unofficial and created by Windows lovers, […]

Download Desktop Client For Google+

Whether it’s Facebook or Twitter, every big social network has its official and unofficial client for desktop like Facebook Desktop and Tweetdeck. It’s been two weeks since the launch of Google+ and here comes the first desktop based client for Google+. If you’ve been using Google+ for quite a while now, you may want to […]

LazyScope: An All-Rounder Desktop Application

All of you know that Twitter is not only for personal tweets. It has become the best way to spread out your website content. There are many users out there who use twitter so effectively, they spread their content, read other’s content, retweet useful links. As a blogger, I am following many bloggers and have […]

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