Schedule Facebook Cover Photos To Automatically Change At A Specific Time

People nowadays use third party tools to schedule Facebook posts and tweets because it saves time and get your business more exposure with less efforts. Since Facebook released Cover photos for profile and pages, people have been using this area to make the most out of their Facebook businesses. You can change cover photos at […]

How To Upload Full Size Photos To Instagram Without Cropping

Instagram – acquired by Facebook a couple of months ago – is a popular photo app available for both Android and iOS devices. Not to mention, it’s the one of the must-have apps for your smartphone. If you’re wanting to have it in your phone, download it right away as it’s available for free. I […]

How To Set A Facebook Photo As Contact Icon In Android

Every smartphone has this feature that enables phone users to use a photo of their friends and family as their contact icon in phone’s address book. To use a photo as contact icon, you will need a picture of the person so that it shows up on the screen while making and receiving call on […]

Get Your Personal Facebook Analytics Report With Wolfram Alpha

Have you ever wanted to know how many of your Facebook friends are single, what apps you use most often and whom you have the most mutual friends with? Now there is a simple app for that. Created by Wolfram Alpha, popularly known as the most advanced search engine today that handles over 50% of […]

How To Search Photos On Facebook Using Bing

Remember Friendsheet I shared a couple of months ago with you? If you haven’t come across it yet, let me tell that it’s simply a website that allows you to view Facebook photos in Pinterest style. Friendsheet collects all the images from your news feed and place them at one place with a grid-based layout […]

Download Facebook Camera App For iPhone And iPad

Facebook has just launched a Camera App for iOS devices that lets you browse photos from your Facebook news feed the Instagram way. At the time when Instagram was acquired by Facebook, the giant social network said that they wouldn’t be doing any changes to Instagram to integrate it with Facebook. That’s why they have […]

How To View Facebook Photos In Full Screen Mode

A while ago, Facebook rolled out the revamped photo viewer, which put comments, buttons and ads in the right sidebar and added a black background. Many users were disappointed by the changes Facebook made to its Photo Viewer, but later, everybody seemed to enjoy the new photo viewing experience. Today two more new features are […]

Friendsheet Is Pinterest For Facebook Photos

I’ve been talking about Pinterest on this blog for the past few days. That’s because I want you all to browse the website once, and I’m sure you’ll fall in love with the photo browsing experience that Pinterest offers to its users, and the aim of writing this post is I’m going to share with […]

How To Activate Timeline On Facebook Fan Pages

Facebook Timeline, which was rolled out for profile pages a while ago, caused a stir in the social networking website. Most of the users welcomed the new changes, and some didn’t like it at all. But that doesn’t stop Facebook from taking one step forward to enhance the Timeline experience for users. The social networking […]

Remove Facebook Timeline With TimelineRemove Chrome Extension

About a month ago, I published a post in which I shared a trick to disable Facebook Timeline using User Agent Switcher. In that trick, we took advantage of the Internet Explorer 7 browser to disable the Timeline feature, as Facebook new profile page layout doesn’t support IE 7. We used User Agent Switcher and […]

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