Convert Your Google Plus Stream Into Pinterest Style Layout

A couple of weeks ago, Google revamped its social network’s layout, giving users a more powerful and beautiful way to browse the third most popular social network in the world, after Facebook and Twitter. The new layout features new profile page with the ability to add a cover photo at the top, just like Facebook Timeline pages. The good thing is that Google Plus revamped layout has been rolled out to all users and was able to impress almost everyone with its new look.

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But still, if you don’t feel like browsing the social network with this layout, I have something cool to share with you. Have you ever heard about Pinterest? If you love exploring pictures, you surely have. Pinterest offers a beautiful and simple design that gives its users a better photo viewing experience. This is its unique way of presenting photos on the page that made the website a huge hit in a short period of time.

Turn Google Plus Stream Into 3-Column Grid Layout

Well, someone has created a script – Google+ Pinterest – that will convert Google Plus new layout into a Pinterest grid-style layout, providing you a new way to browse the social network. When activated, it turns your Google Plus stream into a 3-column grid board, allowing you to view posts in a panel layout. The script does exactly what it is intended to do. This is what the Google’s social network looks like when script is enabled.

Google Plus Pinterest

If you’re worrying about your personal information, let me tell you Google+ Pinterest script has nothing to do with information associated with you and your followers, but the layout. It also converts the new profile page into a grid style layout without making any changes to the profile cover photo area. Hovering over a post will highlight the grid with a greenish border, as you can see in the screenshot above.

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The script also hides the left navigation bar and right chat window. The sidebars fully appear when you take your mouse pointer to the extreme left or right. The script is perfect except for one thing. When you visit a Google plus profile, the circle box that tells followers and following count of the user overrides the middle grid of the top row. Hope this layout problem will be fixed in the next update.

The Google+ Pinterest script works on all the browsers, including Chrome, Firefox and Opera. It’s extremely easy to install. Head over to the userscripts page and simply click on “Install Script” at the top right. Refresh Google Plus on your browser and you’re ready to go. Note that you’ll first need Greasemonkey extension installed if you’re using Firefox browser. Any questions? Write them in the comment section below.

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