Use GNews Extension To Get Yourself Updated With Latest News

Want to know the latest news from around your country or city but don’t have time to browse news websites? GNews extension might be helpful for you. It’s a new Google Chrome extension that will keep you updated with the latest happenings around the world without having to open a new tab page.

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GNews, as its name implies, uses Google news feed to bring the worldwide news right at your browser screen in a jiffy. You don’t even need to open another tab on your browser. The extension, when installed, adds a new icon to the Chrome toolbar, and a pop-up appears when you click the icon. Clicking anywhere on the page will close the pop-up.

While installing, you’ll need to grant permission for GNews to access the required data such as installed Chrome extensions and apps, tabs activity, bookmarks and geo-location. The pop-up will automatically bring the news feed based on your ‘News Theme Selection’ in the settings of the extension.

GNews Chrome Extension

You can click on the icon anytime, no matter what webpage you’re currently on. You’ll be shown the latest news from around the world with image thumbnails next to each of the link. Hitting the link in the pop-up will take you to the new tab where you can read the full article. There is also a bookmark button in the pop-up window that will work the same way as browser bookmarks.

The extension also offers a desktop notification system that will notify you at the bottom right corner of your desktop screen whenever any new headline related to your ‘News Theme Selection’ lands in the news. Although, you can disable it from the extension’s settings if you don’t want this feature.

GNews Chrome Extension 1

From the developer’s page, it says that the extension is available in almost all major languages, but when I tried this extension, it was showing the news in French language and there is no way to change French to the local language. After using it for a while, it then automatically started showing news in English language. I think it’s a little bug that developers need to fix as soon as possible.

The extension will come handy for those who don’t like to browse online magazines to stay up-to-date with what’s happening around the world when at work. With GNews on your Chrome browser, you’re just a click away to know latest headlines. You can install GNews from this link.

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