Install WordPress Locally With Instant WordPress

If you’re running a blog using WordPress platform, no doubt it’s the best content management software, you must already have installed it locally on your desktop. The benefits of installing WordPress on your Windows machine are you can try out new things by testing them on your local WordPress before deploying them to your live blog, you will come to know about all the features and the process behind WordPress system you might not know about by playing around with the platform locally on your Windows machine.

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Although there are many software available on the Internet that let you install WordPress on your local server. Software like Wamp and Xampp, the two most popular for installing WordPress locally, require installation and then configuration of the WordPress powered website. The whole set up for the first time may take up to 7-8 minutes. It can be time consuming for you to set up the software again and again every time you install a fresh Windows operating system. Moreover, you’ll need to save all local WordPress folders such as themes and plugins in a external USB as a back up for the next time you install WordPress locally.

Today I’m sharing with you the quickest and the easiest method to install WordPress on your desktop. ‘Instant WordPress’, as its name implies, a free software that allows you to install WordPress locally and configure it for you in a single click. The best part is you can install WordPress locally on a USB key, so that you can take your WordPress development work anywhere you go.

Install WordPress Locally With Instant WordPress

Here are the key Features of Instant WordPress:

  • Instant WordPress is a portable of WordPress. It will run on a USB key.
  • Instant WordPress is a complete standalone WordPress development environment. It turns any machine into a WordPress development server.
  • Instant WordPress comes complete with it’s own built in web server, PHP and MySQL installations that are started and stopped automatically.
  • Instant WordPress comes complete with a set of dummy WordPress posts and pages so that you do not have to create any data or posts to test themes and plugins.
  • Instant WordPress is self-configuring, so it should not conflict with any software already running on your machine.
  • Instant WordPress can be installed as many times as you wish and deleted by simply removing the folder that it is running from. Nothing is left on your machine.

How To Use Instant WordPress On Your Windows Machine

Using Instant WordPress on your desktop is as simple as putting the biscuit in a basket if you have used WordPress before. All you need to do is download the ‘Instant WordPress’ software and install it anywhere on your computer, whether it’s a folder on your desktop or folder in your USB key. Now go to the directory where you’ve installed it and run the InstantWP exe file. It will load the software and soon you’ll see the InstantWP window on your desktop (See the image above).

You will see various options on the Instant WordPress window through which you can login to the WordPress website, design the website, make changes to the database and deploy all the changes to a web server within a couple of mouse clicks. The Instant WordPress version 4.0 supports latest version of WordPress, Apache, PHP and MySql to try out new things.

The feature that make the Instant WordPress better than any other similar software is the portability and there is no need to go through more time consuming methods like installing Xampp or Wamp. Simply download ‘Instant WordPress’ from the official source and start playing around with WordPress on your Windows machine. The size of the software is around 50 MB. One more thing I’d like to tell you is that it’s a freeware :).

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  1. This is really interesting and helpful for bloggers. Now i don’t want to experiment live with my blog. Newbie bloggers must install this software.

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