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Do you love video calling? Video Calling over the Internet is a great way to communicate with your friends and family. You don’t need to pay your phone bills, as it uses the Internet connection (3G or 4G for better voice and video quality on phones). Just make sure you’ve activated a Internet connection for your PC or GPRS/3G on your mobile phone. You can make free video calls using public Wifi.

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Whenever we talk about Video Calling, we can’t ignore Skype, the gaint video calling app for all devices including PCs or mobile phones. But today I’m going to share a new app, called Tango. You might already be using the app on your iPhone or iPad. Actually it’s not a new app. It’s been in use for one year now. but it was only available for iPad, iPhone, Tablets and Android and now the company has launched Tango PC app for users who don’t have these devices.

Tango PC App

This is the beta version of Tango PC app. It will allow you to make free video call as soon as you install the app on your Windows PC. When you launch the app, there is no login or password required, just enter your mobile number and email address and get started. If you’ve already been using Tango app on your iPhone or iPad, it automatically brings the contacts to your PC so that you can call them directly without having to remember their phone numbers. Check out the video below to know what Tango is all about.

At first look, it seems like it’s just another video calling app but the company is likely to launch paid features over the coming months. Tango, as of now, has 23 million users already and each day as it’s being said, the company is now adding 70000-80000 new users.

When you launch Tango app on your PC, you’ll see that it has the iPhone interface. Although you can change the skin to classic mobile by visiting settings option inside the app. Also, it’ll prompt you to add your number and email address, if you haven’t already. Just write your mobile number and email address in the window, add contacts or invite your friends and start making free video calls.

No annoying pop-ups or advertisements. Just a simple and minimalist easy to use interface to make calls for free. You can drag the corner of the iPhone style interface with your mouse pointer to change the size of the Tango window. Like Skype, Tango allows you to easily switch from video to voice and back with just a tap, and you can close Tango app by right clicking on the system tray icon of Tango and click ‘exit’. You can download Tingo PC app from here.

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