Download Mozilla Firefox 7 Beta Version

Recently, the stable version of Firefox browser has been updated to Firefox 6. If you use Firefox browser, you would have automatically been updated. In case, you’re not then you can manually update the browser. Though there aren’t many changes between latest stable version and its previous version but several security and stability issues has been fixed.

With this upgrade in stable version, the beta version of Firefox browser has also been updated to Firefox 7. The latest beta version is now available to users for testing purpose. One of the big problems people have been facing since the launch of Firefox 4 – Memory Usage – has been solved.

Download Firefox 7

Some Firefox users have reported that after using Firefox for some hours, it begins consuming high MBs of memory, thus affects the performance when you have a lot of tabs open. This problem has been fixed with this new beta update. You’ll not face any memory leaks problem in Firefox 7 Beta.

Moreover, Firefox 8 is now available in the Aurora channel with new features. It will give users more control when managing third-party add-ons and also some changes to the user interface. All three versions mentioned above are available for download and you can download any version of your choice from the following links.

Download Firefox 6 Stable (Without bugs – Best for normal users)
Download Firefox 7 Beta (For Testing Purpose)
Download Firefox 8 Aurora Channel

Use Chrome? Download Google Chrome 15 here

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