Major Youtube Redesign: How To Enable New Youtube Look

Youtube has just rolled out a whole new look for watching videos and playlists. The new redesigned look is named as ‘Cosmic Panda’. Although Youtube has already said in their official blog post that they are testing this new design and inviting everyone to get hands on this revamped look of Youtube.

Youtube New Look 2

How To Activate New Youtube Look

Anyone can activate the new Youtube look by just going to this page and click on the ‘Try it out’ button which will take you to a darker design page where Youtube will suggest you to check out the whole new look of videos, playlists and channels.

The new video page plays the video at the top of the page with the dark background which helps you to focus on the video and makes it a little easier on the eyes. The related videos has been redesigned, now with bigger thumbnails. Also, selecting the size of the video is made easy. Choose your video size out of four available sizes right below the video and click it. Take a look at the screenshot.

Youtube New Look

The Channel page has also been redesigned with wide thumbnails of the videos which now looks better and more professional. One more new feature is you can navigate to other pages in the channel while playing a video.

A small screen will be displayed at the top of the channel, hovering the mouse will show ‘Resume Watching’ and clicking on it will open the video to its normal size i.e normal video page. Look at the arrow in the image below showing where the small screen resides.

Youtube New Look 1

Although, only Chrome users can access the ‘Resume Watching’ feature as of now but soon it’ll be available for other browsers. Moreover, new comments will automatically load right underneath the video without the need of refreshing the page.

Overall, it works great and looks much cleaner and awesome. It seems Google is going to redesign its every single service it roll. They have rolled out a new Gmail look a few days ago and now it’s Youtube which has been redesigned.

If you have activated the new Youtube look but want to revert back to old one, you can get back to the older version at any time. Go to the Cosmic Panda page and click on the ‘Older Version’.

If you’ve tried the new look of Youtube, do let me know how’s the experience in the comments section below.


Youtube is about to give its homepage a new look. It’s different from Cosmic Panda. They are still working on the design and will be rolling out the new redesign homepage to all users soon after the testing is completed. If you can’t wait for the new Youtube homepage to release officially, check this link to get new Youtube homepage right now.

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  1. Sure the design looks elegant. But they’ve chosen a black gray scheme which I don’t like. Damn, now YouTube will look much like a p*rn site 😐

  2. m helagh says:

    on the new design my password is shown as big as you logo !
    WHAT IS GOOD about putting my password on SCREEN ???
    i do not like to see my password to be seen
    by anyone
    in fact when it is there i feel so uncomfortable
    and frightened someone might see it

    please if your designer can not fix this
    send me back to the old design

    because i am afraid and will not go to the new design

    m helagh

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