Get Avast Internet Security 2011 Free With 9 Months License Key

It’s been a while since I’ve shared any free antivirus offer here on this blog. I’m getting a lot of requests for license keys of antivirus programs. Here is a great offer if you’re looking for full version of a good antivirus program. Today I’m going to share how you can get Avast Internet security 2011 free which will be valid for 9 months.

avast! Internet Security provides complete antivirus, anti-spyware, antispam, and firewall protection, complemented now by new avast! SafeZone™ technology. It creates an isolated virtual desktop, invisible to any possible attacker, where you can do your online shopping and banking securely.

Download Avast Internet Security Free 1

Let me get into the point without wasting any time. Follow the steps below to get free Avast Internet Security 2011.

Get Avast 2011 License Key valid for 9 months

1) Copy the below address and open it via any German proxy. You can use and paste the url into the ‘Web Url’ field and click ‘Browse!’. If you open the url directly, without using a German proxy, you’ll be redirected to a web page where you’ll be asked to buy the antivirus program. So better use a German proxy because this offer is currently available only to German users.

Download Avast Internet Security Free

2) Once you’ve clicked ‘Browse’ button, a download will start automatically. It’s a zip file with a name ‘License com! so gehtns.avastlic’. You have to unzip the file using Winrar or Winzip. Now you have the license key file of Avast Internet Security 2011.

3) Download the trial version of Avast Internet Security latest build from here. Once you’ve downloaded, install it and when asked for license key, upload the just downloaded license key file. That’s it !! You’re done. You can check the program that it is valid until 18/4/2012.

Now you have full version of Avast Internet Security 2011 which will provide you worry-free, maximum protection for your computer. If you’re already using free version of Avast Internet Security, it’ll be better to uninstall the free version and then install the just downloaded version. The product will cost you around $40 if you purchase the full version from Avast web store. So I suggest you to avail the offer before it’s too late. If you’re having any problem regarding getting license key file, comment section is especially for you :).

Let me know if you find this offer is not valid anymore. I’d appreciate if you share this post with your friends and family.

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    saying Forbidden…!!!

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    H Avitricks Group,

    Thanks for sharing good ideas , But can you please tell as compare to Norton and Avast which internet security tool is best as of now .


  5. happyhopp says:

    Alternative Web Proxy

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  19. sohag says:

    pless Avast internet security Licenes Key.

  20. mohit says:

    its seems to be good beacause there is no error occured when i submitt the file on avast
    thanx for the valid licence

  21. SuNny says:

    Man I love who created this………

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    i dont get how to unzip??

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    plz give avast licence key

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    thank you very much it is best for student save money

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    i want avast internet security licence file 6.0.1000 Final please


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    Failed to connect to the specified host. Possible problems are that the server was not found, the connection timed out, or the connection refused by the host. Try connecting again and check if the address is correct.

  53. rashid says:

    Thanks a lot now its work i try again tussi grate ho yaar

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    how to download german proxy freind and what is it .frind please and please help me

  55. Rishabh says:

    thanks and thanks and thanks so much friend now i am able to valid my avast.friend can you please provide me window 7 genuene key

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    the license key has worked for me…thanks for providing but the firewall is not working can u send me how to turn on the firewall in the avast internet security 2011

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    hi dude!!! its really working … thank you very much

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    This works very well. Thanks so much for the help!

    To those who can’t seem to follow the instruction, go to first before you paste the link there! Read the instructions given above.

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    works well… thank a lot…

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    tussi great ho..!!

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    thank u very much.

    I want to do home based work by using inter net
    help me in this regard.

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    i m happy to you

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    Thanks, I am so late, so less than 1 and half months. What can I do now brother>

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    Avast is my one of the best antivirus software i like very much…
    thank u for sharing

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    Superb. It works like Miracle

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    My subscription just expired!! Thanks,its still working…got another 1 month license

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    Hey, thanks for the file! can there be another one for 2012? the license will expire after 30 days. i will be very grateful if you provide us with another license file! anyways, THANK YOU!

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