Send Unlimited Free SMS Through Internet Without Ads

Are you fed up from heavy Mobile Bills due to large number of SMS’s sent from your mobile? Do you want to cut off that SMS bill? You might be using services like which offer unlimited free SMS from your number through Internet. These websites really save money on phone bills But puts its advertisement below the message and thus allows only 140 Characters limit to us.

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When using, receiver can identify that the SMS is sent from way2sms as he/she can see advertisement below the message. There are sites available on the Internet which allow us to send completely 160 Characters messages with our number. Several months ago, I shared one of the website on this blog, check it out Send free sms with your number without ads. is a new website that allows its users to send unlimited free SMS (Full 160 Characters long) without any advertisements. You can send SMS with your own number by registering your number on Fullonsms. Registration is simple, like all other websites, it sends you (on your mobile number)  the password of your account while registering mobile number and you have to write that password in order to login into the website (Later on, you can change it).

Send SMS Through Internet

When mobile number registered and logged in, just enter the mobile number of the person you want to send SMS and write the message and press ‘Send SMS’ button. The service is as fast as sending SMS through the mobile phone. He/She will instantly receive the message with your number as the sender. It also allows you to save contacts in group and send SMS to groups and so many more features you see when you’ll use it :).

The service is absolutely amazing. No one can identify if the SMS is sent from Internet because it sends SMS from your number (it can be full 160 Characters long) and without any advertisements. The website is currently giving this service for free. Who knows if, in the future, they charge for this service. It’s better to take full advantage of this service now.

Let me know if you face any problem regarding using this service and also, do share if you know any other free SMS sites which allow SMS without ads. And, don’t forget to share the post.

If you’re looking for websites which offer Free SMS without registration, I have already posted on this blog. Check 3 websites to Send Free SMS without Registration.

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  1. Anish K.S says:

    its a nice trick avi, will check the same.

  2. Arun says:

    thank you so much!!!!

  3. Bolatito A. says:

    Great job and thanks for the posting. I’ll check on them

  4. SAMEER says:

    now this site shows add below the messages

  5. Lykan says:

    I’ve visited the site (fullonsms) but i’ve problem with login.or is it cos i’m a Nigerian(Nig number)?

  6. Mahesh says:

    hey thnx a lot u saved lot of bucks of mine..

  7. Can anyone provide me without login script.

  8. noor says:

    As per new regulation , criteria and circumstances now full on sms as well not showing ur number in receiver’s inbox … they only showing the msg like [ +91 – Your Number say’s] like this … as according to Adhi Trai Regulation … need to say only this .. bye bye fullonsms

  9. kamal says:


  10. kailash says:

    can u suggest any site where multiple recepients can be posted same message in 1 click

  11. fernandes says:

    Fullon sms
    Only 140 words to single reciepient at one time,

    Its a way to get mobile data base for their advertimessage sending to earn money for themselves by using your phone book.

    My being a prepaid no displayed a reduced amount balance in my account after sending the so called free messages through this.

    Check it out.
    Mind it nothing comes for free.

  12. Sambath says:

    Not Working Now.

  13. san says:

    How to Send SMS through Internet without showing mobile number?

  14. Manas says:

    now in 2013 and full on are horowfull

  15. Nilot says:

    SMS received from MD-fullon…..seems not working anymore

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