‘Facebook Desktop’ Shows Notifications Directly On Desktop

When I do something else, other than Facebook, I often check my Facebook homepage to check updates from my friends. I don’t want to miss anything on Facebook, that’s why I check Facebook tab  on my browser every 5 minutes. Today I found an interesting Adobe AIR application that brings the experience of Facebook straight to your desktop without the need for a browser.

Facebook Desktop shows real-time updates from your friends directly on your desktop, without the need to even open a browser. It’s an Adobe AIR app links into your Facebook account and notifies you of every change to your account. This application notifies you of pokes, messages, friend requests, event invites, etc. – with a little transparent pop-up at the bottom right of the desktop screen. You can’t change it to another corner and also, you can’t change their appearance.

Facebook Desktop 1

Whenever your friend updates the status, you will receive notifications on your desktops, similar to how instant messages appear. I don’t like one thing in this app, whenever any pop up appears on the screen you can’t comment or like the status at the moment within the pop-up. When you click on the pop-up, you’ll be taken to the browser. But we can update the status within the application. Look at this below screenshots:

Facebook Desktop 2

Facebook Desktop 3

You can change the notifications settings too like which notifications you want to receive on your desktop. The application works perfectly when you can’t have the social network site open in your browser, like when you’re at the office. It works on both Windows and Apple platforms, you can download the free application here. 

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  1. Mukul Singh says:

    I think after Tweet Deck its another attempt of Adobe Air….but dey need a li’ll bit improvement 🙂

  2. now you access facebook from office

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