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People want to have a great Facebook experience on their phone, no matter what type of phone they carry. I have seen people searching for a good Facebook App for their feature phones. Feature phone is a term used to describe a low-end mobile phone that has less computing ability than a smartphone, but more capability than a "dumb phone". Around 80% of the devices sold worldwide  are feature phone. Those who are using Feature phones don’t have to wait for good Facebook App anymore.

Facebook has launched a new Facebook Application for low-end mobile phones which only support Java based application. The application is available for download. Till now, Snaptu is considered the best Facebook app for feature phones. It is fast light weight and have Twitter and many other app within one Snaptu application.

The new Facebook for Feature Phones app works on 2,500+ mobile devices from popular manufacturers like Nokia, Sony Ericsson, and LG. It offers an almost smartphone-like Facebook experience, complete with home screen, contact syncing, and fast scrolling.

Moreover, The 14 mobile operators listed below are offering free data access when using the new Facebook mobile app during the first 90 days after they launch.

Launching today:

Facebook App

Dialog (Sri Lanka)
Life (Ukraine)
Play (Poland)
StarhHub (Singapore)
STC (Saudi Arabia)
Three (Hong Kong)
Tunisiana (Tunisia)
Viva (Dominican Republic)
Vodafone (Romania)

Launching soon:
Mobilicity (Canada)
Reliance (India)
Telcel (Mexico)
TIM (Brazil)
Vivacom (Bulgaria)

This new application is co-created by Snaptu. You can download this new app on the Snaptu download page. Visit: on your mobile phone. Of course this new Facebook app is free of cost.

Do share your views after trying this new Facebook App for Feature Phones.

Reliance will be offering free data access when using this new Facebook application for 90 days. Check out How to Change Mobile Operator using MNP service.

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