Blogger Adds ‘Until Jump Break’ Option in Feed Settings

If you’re using blogger for your blog, there is a good news, Google has just added a new option to site feed settings. Un till now, you had only two ways to show RSS feed of your blog i.e full post or short summary. By default, short summary shows the first 400 characters without images and html. We don’t have control on short summary. To overcome this problem, Blogger has added ‘Until Jump Break’ option to the site feed settings.

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A year ago, blogger added ‘Break’ line to the dashboard which allows users to add a jump break in our page, after which any content will only be visible on item pages. This feature is now available on RSS feed too. Now, you can choose to display exactly the same summary in the feed as on the home page with the read more link with images and other html part as well.

Now you have control which part of the page you want to display on your blog’s feed with html and images too.

Here’s how.

1) Go to, click ‘Settings’ on dashboard.

2) Now go to ‘Site Feed’ from the dashboard menu items.

Rss Feed Read More Blogger

3) then choose ‘Until Jump Break’ from the drop-down menu. That’s it.

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Next time you write a post and use a jump break, anyone reading the feed will get all the content, including images and HTML formatting, up until the jump break (if there’s no jump break, feed will contain everything). If readers want to see full post, they can click "read more" link. This means you have full control over your feed.  For example, want to include an image for your recipe but not the whole recipe? No problem! Put the image and part of the recipe before the jump break, and that’s all the feed readers will see.

Here’s how it looks on RSS feed.

Rss Feed Read More Blogger 1

Drop-in your views about this new feature.

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  1. Madav says:

    Thanks a lot for sharing the info.I will follow the tips on my blogger blog.

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