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I talk rubbish when I am drunk. Many times we often open social networking websites like Facebook and Twitter when we are drunk and then we start talking rubbish things to others. We may say things that we don’t want to say normally. You must have written a status on Twitter when you were under the influence of Alcohol, like some bad words about your boss or your girlfriend, and if he/she might have followed you then you are in danger. I know all of you drunkers want to get rid of this thing. Don’t worry, there is an application, released last week that will tell you about ‘Is it safe to login now’.

Social Media Sobriety Test
Social Media Sobriety test, a plugin that won’t let you post on any social network if you’re too much intoxicated. After installing this plugin, you can easily set up your timings when you often get intoxicated and block social networking websites in that period.

Social Media Sobriety Test1
Let’s say if you have blocked Facebook through this plugin, then whenever you will try to access the Facebook login page, you will need to pass a test (Random tests) to access the login page. If you might have too much intoxicated that time and didn’t pass the test then this plugin wont allow you to use Facebook untill you reduce your intoxication.

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I already tried this plugin and it works great. Here’s a video showing how I was denied to access Facebook login page.

The plugin also works for Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and Internet Explorer.
Download Social Media Sobriety Test Plugin

I am sure this plugin will surely help you to get rid of rubbish talks, at least on Internet. Those who want to keep yourself away from social networking when you’re intoxicated, you must give this plugin a try.

Please feel free to share your experience after using this plugin.

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  1. Devil says:

    AVI, You are genius man.

  2. Elroy Mathur says:

    thanks. this is really great to me.

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