20 Killer Tools To Enhance Youtube Experience

Youtube is the largest online video sharing website on the Internet. You can watch full movies to review of your favourite gadget all in one place. I am sure one can sit on Youtube for the whole day or at least I can. But if you are bored watching videos on Youtube, follow these ways to enhance your Youtube experience, you’ll surely get your addiction back for Youtube. These are the 20 killer tools which improves your browsing and surfing experience on Youtube.

Psykotube (Instant Search for Youtube)

You must have heard about Google Instant search. Psykotube allows you to search videos on Youtube as you type, like Google Instant, you can say it ‘Youtube Instant’. Psykotube is a great way to browse videos on Youtube. It’s even faster than Youtube’s own search engine. You must give it a try. Go to Psykotube.

Inhance Youtube Experience 1

MyU2b ( Check Amazing Stats)

MyU2b is a full-featured Youtube application for iphone users. Few days before, it has launched MyU2b Stats where you can look at the earnings that experienced Youtube users are making by posting videos to the site. This site tells you about the amazing stats about the Youtube videos as well as channels. Go to MyU2b.

Inhance Youtube Experience 2

Loop Youtube Videos

Youtube video plays only once by default. But sometimes you are too much addicted to a video and you want to repeat it over and over again. There are many ways you can loop Youtube Videos. I have already made a post ‘9 ways to loop Youtube videos’. Just check it out.

Inhance Youtube Experience 3

Quietube (Play videos without the distractions)

If you have a problem with the Youtube Layout, means comments and other related videos get in the way watching Youtube videos, then Quietube bookmarklet is all you need. It adds a bookmark button and allows you to watch Youtube videos in black/white background without ant distract by simple clicking on its bookmark button. Go to Quietube.

Inhance Youtube Experience 4

Minitube (TV Experience)

Minitube is a Youtube client for Windows, Linux and Mac OS X. It gives you TV like experience. Just type a keyword, it gives you an endless video stream. It doesn’t require any flash player. Moreover, you can download Youtube videos within the client. Go to Official page for download.

Inhance Youtube Experience 5

DragonTape (Create Youtube based Mix-Tapes)

DragonTape allows you to create mixtapes of Youtube Videos. It has the ability to directly search Youtube videos and by just ‘Dragging and Dropping’ to the playing area you can set up the play order. It lets you to save your mixtape and share on your blog or Facebook. Go to DragonTape.

Inhance Youtube Experience 6

TubeChop (Chop and Slice a Youtube videos)

TubeChop allows you to chop the Youtube Video so that you can share only the sliced part with your friends. It’s an easy-to-use tool. After chopping the video, it provides you the url of the sliced Part. You can also embed the sliced part in your blog. Go to TubeChop.

Inhance Youtube Experience 7

TubeOke (Displays the lyrics along with Youtube Video)

TubeOke allows you to sing along with the video. When you search on TubeOke, it searches the keyword on Youtube and displays you the video along with the lyrics. It is very simple and easy-to-use. It might help people who are looking for video and its lyrics at the same time. Go to TubeOke.

Inhance Youtube Experience 8

Dirpy ( Rip Audio From Youtube)

Dirpy is an online tool which can convert any youtube video to mp3. You just have to paste the youtube link in the text box. You can also specify time i.e where to start recording audio and where to stop, there will be a embedded youtube video on the right side along with editing dashboard. I already have a detailed post on Dirpy.

Inhance Youtube Experience 9

TweakTube (All-in-one Youtube Extension)

TweakTube, a Firefox Extension for Youtube, allows you to watch and download videos in HD, change Youtube skin, AutoPageRise (Inserts the next page of results when you reach the bottom of the results page), automatically look for random video, loop videos, tells you the history of video. It’s a must have add-on for Firefox. You can download it here.

Inhance Youtube Experience 10

Plistube (Create Your Own List of Videos)

Plistube helps us to create a playlist easily of our favourite singer. We just have to search for our favourite artist and it automatically creates a playlist of best videos of that artist. It also allows us the ability to add more video to the playlist. Go to Plistube.

Inhance Youtube Experience 11

Synchtube (Watch Youtube With Friends)

Synchtube allows you to create public and private rooms where you can watch synchronzied YouTube videos with up to 50 people. It provides a link to the room so that you can invite your friends to your room. Everyone views the same video at the exact same time. Go to Synchtube.

Inhance Youtube Experience 12

Auto Buffer and Auto HD

It’s a script which you can install on your Firefox as well as Google Chrome browser. The main role of this script is to stop the video from automatically playing. It also hides in-video ads and puts it in HD. By installing this script on your browser, you can just disable the two unwanted features. You can download this script here.

Inhance Youtube Experience 13

Youtube Doubler (Watch 2 Youtube video on the Same Screen)

If you’re bored with just watching one video on Youtube, then you must give this application a try. It allows you to play two videos at the same time on the same screen. It is very easy to use. Just add two different urls from Youtube and double up. Go to Youtube Doubler.

Inhance Youtube Experience 14

Youtube Widget ( An Adobe Air Application )

It allows you to search videos from YouTube and download them into your local drive. Once you go offline it automatically aware of the change and switches to the offline mode, which allow you to view the downloaded videos. You can download this application here.

Inhance Youtube Experience 15

VirtualVideoMap ( Youtube + Google Map)

It’s a Google Map mashup that lets you explore the world in Interesting way. It has hand-picked several YouTube videos from around the world and plots them to a world map. Clicking on any location on the map will show a video related to that map. You will surely spend an hour to visit around the world sitting on your computer. Go to VirtualVideoMap.

Inhance Youtube Experience 16

YouCube ( Make a 3D Cube )

It allows you to make an interactive 3D cube with Youtube videos. You just have to enter the 6 Youtube urls to display on each side of the cube. It also lets you to share your cube with your friends. Go to YouCube.

Inhance Youtube Experience 17

Youtube “Lights Out” ( A Script to Darken Background )

Youtube ‘Lights Out’ is a script which gives you a light bulb icon on the Youtube page so you can turn off the “lights” and darken the background for easier enjoyment of your video. You need to install Grease monkey first to use this script on your Firefox. Google Chrome can install this script directly. You can download this script here.

Inhance Youtube Experience 18

YouFlow ( Browse and Watch Youtube Videos a Unique Way)

YouFlow lets you get rid of Youtube simple navigation and interface. It gives an amazing interface & nagivation and more attractive way to browse Youtube videos. You can watch multiple videos at a time and easily scale them to desired size. Go to YouFlow.

Inhance Youtube Experience 19

YouTomb ( List of Youtube Removals )

YouTomb, a website you can watch that videos which have been removed for copyright complaints. It records the title, description, when it was removed, who uploaded it. Go to YouTomb.

Inhance Youtube Experience 20

If you know any other interesting tool for Youtube, Do share it with us! and don’t forget to check related posts below.

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