3 free sms sites without registration

You might have used many services available on the Internet which offer free SMS to Indian mobile numbers. But all these websites require sign up. So I am going to tell you about some free sms sites by which you can send free SMS in India without registration.

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I have found 3 free sms services where you can send free sms without registration.

1) Bollywoodmotion:- The good thing about this website is you can send long sms upto 500 characters for free without sign up. I have already tried this free sms messaging and it is working like a charm. Imagine yourself 500 characters are enough. πŸ™‚

Bollywoodmotion Send free SMS without resgistration

2) SpiceSMS :- Similar service which requires no registration, no form filling just write your number and message. This website allows you to write only 130 characters but its free from registration. You can send free sms freely.

Spicesms Send free SMS without resgistration

3) Atrochatro :- I think you all are aware about this free sms site. I have already tried it. It allows 149 characters.

Atrochatro Send free SMS without resgistration

So what are you waiting for. Just start sending sms’s without any registration. πŸ™‚

Note :- These websites work only in India

If you know any other website which offers free sms without registration, then please share with us in the comment section below.
Enjoy your Day!!!
Comments are always Welcome!!! πŸ™‚

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  1. Aparachitt says:

    Its Better to Send sms after registering mobile number in some free sms site like http://www.smsze.com etc Sending sms without registeration is not secure

  2. Avi Singh says:

    You are Right Aparachitt, One can send unlimited free sms by registering on websites like 160/2, smsze and we can't say everything on Internet is secure.
    Thanks for your comment
    And Welcome To Avitricks Group πŸ™‚

  3. %^%^%^&^^%%^% says:

    way2sms is the best !!

    On other websites, when we send any sms, its delivered with some promotional adds.

  4. Avi Singh says:

    Way2sms also sends promotional ads with sms's.
    If you want to send without ads with your number, see this post http://www.avitricks.info/2010/07/send-free-sms-with-your-number-without.html

  5. farukh khan says:

    ya! i too had tried bollywoodmotion its free and deliverd with in seconds and upto now i have got no problem with it bcoz no registration required. but.. please avi singh tell me no registration is it safe upto now no problem……

  6. Avi Singh says:

    As I heard from friends many services like freesms8.com automatically send sms's for their promotion. But I don't know much about bollywoodmotion.
    Why don't you make an account on way2sms, people trust way2sms….

  7. Anonymous says:

    Try Prikle Best Community Site For Youngster Plus Free SMS Service No Registration

  8. Anonymous says:

    dude bollywoodmotion works great for me thanks avitricks for sharing this site i never know about this site.

  9. Prachi says:

    i am using bollywoodmotion its better than all sites like way2sms 160by2 etc it never send me any ads or promotion thanks avitricks

  10. Nirupam says:

    There is another site, through which we can send unlimited sms in india, without registration. The site is ‘smsti.in’
    It is very useful 4 me. Try it.

  11. k says:

    i want a site with which we can send free sms anywhere in the world or in uk,without registration if possible

  12. Shivam says:

    GUYS JUST TRY http://www.codesms.com once and feel the difference…enjoy

  13. Winnie says:

    The theme of your blog is really very beautiful,do you design it yourself?

  14. Snehadoothan says:


  15. Blue Rose says:

    All the sites are demanding for registration, only the 2nd one has allowed me to send 1 sms without registration.

  16. Ms aryan says:

    It is easy to send sms u try it

  17. asa says:

    pleas tell me somthing new

  18. Anand says:

    Please tell me free sms website without registration which send multiple mobile nos at a time

  19. ram says:

    India’s 1st site allow you to send unlimited free sms to india without registration
    It Allow 500 Character with no ads better than 160by2,way2sms or any other sites

  20. Safvan says:

    It s great
    thank u

  21. Biswanath says:

    i think http://www.fullonsms.com is the best sms site to send free sms……..

  22. Bolatito A. says:

    But i discovered that all your posts only allow sending sms to an indian numbers. Pls what sites allow free sending of sms to world wide numbers.thanks

  23. david obama says:

    I like to read SMS, because sometimes I cant say some things in words, but I can write them, so everyday I write a lot of messages and spend a lot of money on them

  24. FunnyMan says:

    Thanks Helped Me a Lot But I was searching for free bulk sms Gateway ha ha…. anyway thanks again avi

  25. kirtan says:

    wonderful i saw first time in the world of sending free sms wonderful
    but the sms go very slow but its wonderful

  26. shashikant says:

    very good

  27. Jitendra says:

    ya..i will try..thanks

  28. Avi says:

    Be a Real Friend.

  29. nic says:

    please help me a free sms and call M IN TANZANIA east africa using this number +255714303000

  30. anil says:


    I found http://www.smspoint.com website its really superb and we can send 500 messages per day with 160 characters with no ads, instant delivery report, user friendly application and alot more….. Try Now !

  31. arun says:

    the best one is http://www.foosms.com, just the no.is enough..but cant send to DNS numbers !!!

  32. prabu says:

    Send free sms without regis and without u r no.

  33. dipuk says:

    smsti.in. Send sms now.

  34. Salman says:

    Very good site. I like it

  35. Magson Fernandes says:

    Thanks for providing free sms sending websities details.

  36. prithviraj says:

    It is a gud si8 as it involves no registration no sign up prblm.

  37. prithviraj says:

    Atrochatro needs a registeration & log in…

  38. magson says:

    Keep it up !!!

  39. kanhaiya says:

    http://www.smsti.in gives u freedom from adds and registration so go to this site and try it…
    u can send 160 character at a time
    but it’s good mostly for those whose sending sms from moblie internet…
    because u don’t worry for sing in again and again …
    u can escape by this problem…
    so just go to this site and try urself with ur handset …

  40. renuka says:

    bollywoodmotion.com work best for me thanks

  41. Rakesh says:

    send sms any time

  42. Dhiraj says:

    Its Really gud…

  43. moin shekh says:

    i,love,my country from indian fan

  44. SNEHA SINGH says:

    try http://www.bhokalisms.com

    Registration : required

    SMS LIMIT : Unlimited SMS

    Maximum Words : 420 characters ( No Ads )

    Language Support : send sms in 11 indian language .

    best sms website according to me ………..

    join it … and they are also gng to launch social n/w …………

  45. Stanislava says:

    Hi guyes

    Im using websendsms.com i can send sms globally from the PC to mobile,also the prices is low.

  46. wishing u a happy new year

  47. ravi says:

    its not working if we send msg :Service currently unavailable. Please try again later.
    so what is the use of it

  48. raju says:

    Try muftsms.com
    ** No Registration
    ** No ads
    ** 160 character

  49. rahul says:

    The above websites are currently unavailable..

  50. fahad says:

    happy valentine day to all of you .

  51. Sidhartha Das says:

    Yes, BUt i found another good site. From which you can send unlimited sms with out login. And also with out showing your number.

    The delivery time is also good. The site is : http://9to9.in/

    I personally sent a lot of messages from this site.

  52. How to send schedule sms

  53. Roysten says:

    I have been using http://ezfreesms.com to send free international messages without registration. Works great from Dubai to Canada and Cebu

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