Send free sms with your number without ads through Internet

Yesterday, I shared with you 3 websites to send free sms without any registration. Today, I found a website by which you can send unlimited free sms with your own number as sender ID and ofcourse without ads.

When I found this website, I thought sharing would be good. The website is Freesms8. Though the website requires registration, but it is very easy to register with them. You just have to write your mobile number and password will be sent to your number in just a few seconds. You can set your sender ID as your name as I have already set it to Avi.

Send free sms with your number without ads

When you login to your account, you will have two options to select your sender ID either select your name or select your number. If you select your name as sender ID, then sms received by the recipient will be like
From:- BA-Avi
Content: Hello how are you(Your number)

But If you select your number as your sender ID then the sms will received by recipient as you orginaly send the sms with your mobile.

And one more thing is you can send group sms with your number without ads for free. So what are you waiting for Start sending sms to your friends.

Go to Freesms8


If this website is not working properly, you can try its alternative. Check out this post Send Unlimited Free SMS through Internet without Ads

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  1. Siva @ HiSwat says:

    I was wondering when there was Stop SMS tab ..

  2. technoblogsite says:

    i only heard about way2sms…. thanx for this wonderful site….

  3. Avi Singh says:

    Anytime 🙂
    Welcome to AG
    Keep visiting 🙂

  4. tamil says:

    hai friends and join my sms india to send sms free 500 characters

  5. chitta says:

    Send me SMS

  6. Msg2Send says:

    You can try , they allow sending of international sms for free trial

  7. happy says:

    Thanks for sharing

  8. Shivanshu says:

    For free sms, just leave your comments to (with your email) and you will receive a link to send free unlimited sms. without ads.

  9. Jodee Kuanoni says:

    great blog ill be sending this like to as many people as i can!

  10. Mauli says:

    hi Friends.,,, is also very good website… is no ads.

    My more than 1000 friends are using this site and i am also big fan of this sms4mee…

  11. ADWAIT says:


  12. vaibhav says:

    thanks its very nice site,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,thanks a lot 4 sharing with us…….its working very nicely without adds

  13. Praveen kashyap says:

    This is good site for send free sms. Nice site

  14. chandni says:

    you can try “site2sms” also,,which is good sms site,,,it delivered your sms in maximum 5 seconds,,

  15. Sachin says:

    Hey avi,
    I was wondering if you could suggest me a script that automates sms to a number from different senders?

  16. Chinmay says:

    its true but now the site allow only 48 character to send with sender id.before it was 148 character.

  17. Shriram Gupta says:

    100% Working
    Avi How You Know That

  18. PURVAJ SHETH says:

    hey!! now add add’s in the end.. 🙁

  19. lalit jaiswal says:


  20. akhil says:

    very good

  21. rohitrana says:

    awsum service

  22. rohitrana says:

    wt a service Problem to send sms

  23. jafar says:

    this is only for india :/

  24. vishal says:

    superb ………. thanks boss……..

  25. pukhraj says:

    I need without ads free sms site and minimum 250 character. Please help me.

  26. ashwin says:

    thanks its very nice site,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,thanks a lot 4 sharing with us…….its working very nicely without adds

  27. ashwin says:

    Thanks for sharing

  28. Monty says:

    hey AVI… all the free sms websites discused above r sending sms with sender id like “BT-sit2sms” nd not our own mobile no….i guess there is no site remining which allows send free sms with our own no as sender id…pls tell me if there is any site available like such a site….

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