Template Designer -New Feature in Blogger.com

Blogger has come up with a new feature named, Template Designer. First it was tested on blogger in draft, but now it is available on blogger main page too. Blogger adds many template to it and you can edit these templates like color, layout etc by just one click.

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Ok Go through the Full Post Now icon smile Template Designer  New Feature in Blogger.com

What’s new in blogger?

As we know that, Blogger has many templates but they are very simple , most people select their blogger template from talented designers around the web. That’s the part where blogger team was thinking they are lagging behind from other platforms.

As you can see in the picture below, Layout option is now changed to Design option and after clicking on design, you can see Template Designer option.

5ajjac Template Designer  New Feature in Blogger.com

New Templates

You can preview your template by clicking on one of the available themes.

9i8u1d Template Designer  New Feature in Blogger.com

How many columns do you need?

You can also select the layout part, where you can select one, two or three column template, with complete control over the size and arrangement of the template.

fm136x Template Designer  New Feature in Blogger.com

New Advanced Option

There is an Advanced option, where you can change header, footer, add css, post title, post background and many more things just by single click.

dm5x5l Template Designer  New Feature in Blogger.com

Blogger really take a big step in improving not only template designs, but also how to edit these templates by only clicks. Blogger officialy launch a video to show all the things which I mentioned above.

So what do you think about this new feature?
As my blog is on blogspot, I’m loving it. icon smile Template Designer  New Feature in Blogger.com
Please share your thinking about this new feature.

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