How to Check Who Is Following Who On Twitter

Hello Guys, as I said in my previous post, these days I am busy with my college project so don’t have much time to maintian the frequency of this blog. But I promise you that I will maintain the frequency very soon. So today when I was surfing twitter, I was checking a twitter profile which I am following and then one thing came in my mind that is he following me back or not. Then I checked his following list but I was not able to know that. Atlast, I searched this thing on Google and found a solution.

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I found a website named is following you) where we can check directly whether is he/she following you or not.

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Here is the screenshot of the website in which I am checking that I am following Google or not.

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One more thing is that you can even check who is following who on twitter. Isn’t it interesting?

Go to

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  1. Phaoloo says:

    Nice service, I must try to know more about my followers.

  2. Avi Singh says:

    @ Phaoloo
    Thanks for your comment

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