Tools To Customize Your Twitter Background

Few days ago, I wrote a post about how to create twitter background with flash application. Now, I come with 13 more websites offering tools to change the appearance of Twitter, either by using a minimalist background or one that shows our photo and profile, resembling the design of any website.

Tools To Customize Your Twitter Background

  • Limeshot: Funds colorful with different textures, whose protagonist is the Twitter bird.
  • Twitter Backgrounds Gallery: Showcase of unique backgrounds for Twitter. It is a gallery that serves as an inspiration.
  • The Close Entrepreneur: downloadable powerpoint template completely blank, which can be modified to create a custom background for Twitter. In Twitbacks, Powerpoint templates are already more advanced.
  • My Tweet Space: a generator of free funds for Twitter
  • Twitter Patterns: Backgrounds Free quality, grouped into categories.
  • Boinblog: simple template in Photoshop to create a Twitter background to your liking.
  • Croncast: Guide to create backgrounds Twitter.
  • TwitterTreats: Some wallpapers and backgrounds that can be used on Twitter, icons and avatars.
  • Twitbacks: Create a simple background with your own picture and personal data in less than two minutes.
  • Tweetstyle: Showcase of funds created by other users, and some free to download and use.
  • Twitter Gallery: Interesting variety of backgrounds grouped into categories, which can be fitted with a single click, typing your login information to Twitter (at your own risk).
  • Web Distortion: A small collection of funds for fanboys tileable.
  • Twitterimage: Personalized Wallpapers for inspiration, and some free of medium quality.

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