New Google Chrome Frame WordPress Plugin

You have read lots of posts on other blogs on how to install Google Chrome frame in Internet explorer. Now, I come with a very new wordpress plugin that is made for Internet Explorer. WP Google Chrome Frame is a wordpress plugin that will allow your visitors to surf your blog like in Google Chrome through Internet Explorer.

New Google Chrome Frame WordPress Plugin

Yes, you can install this plugin in your wordpress blog. As you know the installation process of plugins is very simple. Here WordPress users get one more advantage. This plugin will automatically detects whether your visitors have installed Google chrome frame or not and if not, you can edit the plugin code to display a nag screen in your blog telling your visitors to install Google chrome frame through this plugin to surf your blog with Chrome frame through Internet Explorer. You can change the settings to display the nag screen repeatedly or just once or never.

So what are you waiting for? If your web designed code not working correctly in Internet Explorer and you don’t want your visitors to open your blog in Internet Explorer, this plugin will surely helps you.

To download and get more information about it Go to Author blog WP Google Chrome Frame WordPress Plugin page.

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